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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Make Money Online with Adsense

This article is designed to touch on a very important topic regarding how to make money online with Adsense. Most people know by now that because of the widespread understanding of Adsense especially in the work from home / earn money online arena, this is not the best place to get clicks and in fact, CTR's are alot lower then in several other niches.

This brings me to the realization that I am trying to share with my readers, if you want to make money online with adsense, don't target the MMO/Internet Marketing niche to do it! Or, at bare minimum, target a different niche with keyword and search potential and compare your results putting an equal amount of effort into each website or group of websites.

I've noticed that in niches like celebrities, health and dieting, business cards, and gardening, the amount of work is less in comparison to my MMO farm and the benefits are hard to ignore in regard to profitability and return on investment. What i'm saying is target the MMO niche to show off how smart you are at search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques, don't target the niche expecting to make a ton of money!

If you make it up with the likes of moneymakerinfo, grizzly and carl ocab then you may start to see a significant return via adsense revenues but it will take a long time and be prepared to constantly be guarding your turf and building links because these guys don't sleep and the amount of clout they have is unavoidable... Why not try to fry some equally large fish but in a different niche that isn't dominated by SEO experts and internet marketers that have an outstanding knowledgebase regarding what it takes to get to the top of the SERP's.

This is really just a rant designed to open minds regarding all the possibilities when it comes to making money online with adsense. It's also something that I try to remind myself daily... Focus on other fish and you will break more bread as you try to conqure the kind of all niches.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog Farm

It’s funny how many people call themselves internet marketers but how few of them actually establish a blog farm when embarking upon a new business venture. It's not easy to make money with a niche blog but, if you are trying to make money online in a niche, you shouldn’t just spend all your time on one website but rather create a small army of websites that you can use to push the “authority site” towards success. I’ve jumped into several niches at this point and I’d have to agree with some of the guru’s like Grizz when he says that the MMO niche is great for laughs but will ultimately result in tears if you’re hoping to get rich from it…

Sure, if you don’t mind selling people ebooks and software programs to make a few bucks then it can probably cover your basic living expenses but the fact of the matter is that the niche is extremely saturated and people that come to your website looking for information about how to make money online are most likely not trying to spend anything i.e. adsense and pay per click revenue models are going to work the best.

To make matters worse, there is an extreme amount of competition for a small amount of search traffic in the niche. Think about it, if everyone is busy going after one thing, that leaves the rest of the playing field fairly wide open. I’m not saying that you should stay away from the niche but what I am saying is that you should use what you learn in regard to internet marketing and search engine optimization to tackle a niche with less competition, i.e. a niche that is not dominated by internet marketers!

I make a few bucks from my MMO sites but I’ve found that by applying the things I’ve learned towards what I call “buying markets,” the revenue comes in a lot higher and a lot faster. Take a minute to hop over to wordtracker’s free keyword tool or the adsense adwords keyword tool and type in the word “buy.” It will give you a million ideas that result in traffic that actually has a need and more importantly, people that are ready to pull out their credit card and spend. Hey, I’m not talking about fleecing sheep here but rather being the person to supply something that they need, something that will have a positive effect on their life.

To make things clear, this blog is pretty much a place for me to rant about ideas I come across regarding internet marketing, search engine optimization and wacky ways to make money online. Is this website part of my blog farm? You bet it is, if at some point it starts to get traffic that beats out my other sites in the niche, then the other sites may become the farm and this may very well become the authority site. All I’m saying is that at a certain point you will run out of easy ways to get relevant anchor text backlinks so start building a farm of blogs, lenses, hubs and websites that you can use to give your SERP’s a boost when they find themselves under attack by competitors.