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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blog Basics for Beginners: How to Make Money Online With Blogs – Step 2

So you’re ready to create a blog… The first thing you might want to consider is what your blog’s topic should be. I would recommend that you spend some serious time thinking about this; generally you will be the most successful in your efforts if you pick a subject that you are seriously interested in. Because really, why not going ahead and learn something on your journey to financial independence?

After you have decided on your topic, the next step will be determining where you would like to host your blog… Many people decide to set up a website as a permanent home for their blog. If this is your first or even second blog, I would recommend setting up a free blog at one of the following sites :




Both sites have great features and benefits and either site is an excellent choice for setting up your blog. For the sake of this article, let’s go ahead and set up a new blog at Blogger. After you go to the website, you will see an option to -> create an account

Go ahead and pick a name, I picked “Blog Basics for Beginners” as I wanted to create a blog to assist other bloggers in setting up and monetizing a niche site. See if the name you want is available. If not, you may have to play around with your name like I did… Because the URL “” was already taken, I decided to add dashes in-between all the words so effectively the same keywords were used just with a slight variation (this will make sense later in my series).

Try your best to use keywords you’d like to be found with in your blog’s title and web address.

After the first step you will be asked to select a template, I used Minima for example because it is set up to work perfectly with Google’s search engine. This will be important when it comes to SEO – Search Engine Optimization…

Click the publish option to change objects on your blog… If you click edit in the top right corner it will offer you additional features you can add to the sidebar of your blog, I would recommend selecting the Adsense option. It will go ahead and ask you for your Adsense publisher ID number. If you haven’t already signed up for Adsense, I would recommend doing so by going to the following URL:

At this point your blog is ready to go complete with your first advertising channel. Follow me to the next step in my series entitled “Blog Basics for Beginners: How to Make Money Online with Blogs – Step 3” for information setting up your first post.

Written by Locke D.

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