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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog Basics for Beginners: How to Make Money Online With Blogs – Step 5

Great, you’re back for more huh? Ok, let’s recap the last episode before moving forward… The most important considerations in regard to page rank are:

1.) Article Content
2.) Article Length
3.) Keywords
4.) Volume
5.) Backlinks
6.) Age of Content

Alright, now on to the good stuff… I assume by now you have created a blog and tried your best to optimize it for search. Hopefully you have also created a few “anchor articles” i.e. long articles with in-depth analysis of your subject.

If it’s our goal to generate natural Google search traffic we will need to find a way to make our site more important than sites that are above us in the search results.

Google looks at each “backlink” and shares merit and strength between your page the one you linked to. So it is logical to assume that we need to place links on sites that have a higher page rank and have subject matter that is relevant to ours.

The following is a list of places you may want to try to place content/backlinks:

1.) Forums and Guestbooks – These sites won’t get you too much of a boost but they definitely will not hurt. Make sure the forum or guestbook is on a site with higher page rank in one of your target keywords and also try your best not to leave a spam comment. Look at the topic of the forum and contribute something relevant. This way you will not only have an opportunity to leave a backlink but you may also make some friends and generate some subscribers in the process.

2.) Blogs and Related websites – Try your best to find blogs with the same keywords as your own, read their content and provide insightful feedback on the comments section of your favorite articles. You will find that most bloggers are very open and willing to help you in your quest if you approach them the right way. Encourage them to visit your site and request feedback and suggestions for improvement. Not only will you be gaining excellent backlinks but you will also be creating allies that may very well help to catapult you to success in the future.

3.) Social Networks – Sites like BuzzFeed, Delicious, Technorati, Digg, Zimbio are great places to claim your blogs, attach your sites and create profiles. These sites have huge amounts of traffic, and even better, its traffic that is actually looking for the content that you provide. Getting a good reputation with these sites will not only increase your traffic but will also most likely assist your page rank in some way or another.

4.) Publication Websites – There are several sites that let you publish articles free of charge. The articles are then featured in their community and sometimes they are syndicated outside the community to interested parties. If someone publishes your work verbatim, google will find out when its bot crawls the page and guess what… your page rank will go up! This is why I previously emphasized original content so much, if it’s not original, it’s not going to help. Anyways, the key to gaining page rank from these publication websites is original content.

Recommendation : Re-write your favorite articles and submit them to This way you will have your original content and you will have a re-write posted with their site. Google will check out their page, identify the article as original content and give your backlink credit! There you go, that’s an instant boost in credibility!

The following is a list of other places you will be able to e-publish articles:

This concludes the series - Blog Basics for Beginners: How to Make Money Online with Blogs

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this tutorial. I’m very curious to hear your feedback regarding the content of these articles. Please drop me a line with questions/comments or suggestions for improvement.

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