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Friday, January 2, 2009

Make Money Online – How Do I Obtain More Web Traffic?

Most people create their blog or website, start developing content and then sit back and ponder how to get more traffic and attention. The point is, you need web traffic, and we both know it.

The question is how? The following is a discussion about how to increase your web traffic, I will touch on both paid ways to improve traffic as well as ways that are completely free (suffice to say they will take a little time and effort).

Paid Options:

Option 1

If you have a great product or service that you’re promoting and a marketing budget to go with, you could consider running a paid internet marketing campaign. There’s no limit to how many visitors you can get to your site through a Google Adwords campaign, whether you need 1000 or 100000.

You can buy your traffic but it’s going to cost you a bundle. Unfortunately, the visitors that you purchase will stop coming as soon as you stop spending unless you have a very unique and profitable proposition for your traffic.

Option 2

I’ve discussed page rank several times on Blog Basics for Beginners. It all revolves around backlinks and search engine optimization. If you really want to get to the top quickly you could hire an expensive firm to conduct an SEO campaign for you. This unfortunately is incredibly expensive and may not reach your desired objectives.


Both of the paid options will cost you money and may not be as effective as you would like. Don’t be discouraged, I have a recommendation that will save you a lot of time and money. If I could offer you a way to get you website traffic, generate tons of backlinks and gain a search engine ranking above your competitors for free, would you be interested?

At this point you’re thinking, oh great, another shameless sales pitch. Hey hear me out, I’ve been using this trick for several of my blogs and it hasn’t cost me much, in fact its made me a ton in Adsense revenues and affiliate commissions.

One of the most important factors to page rank are relevant backlinks, the links need to be on sites that have a strong page rank and relevant content. The primary place to obtain these links are in Article Directories.

So, you will need to write a relevant article about a topic that relates to your blog or website. Secondly, you will need to submit this article to the Article Directories to be published.
After the articles are made public your site will be credited gaining you a very effective backlink which will eventually be found by Google and increase your page rank.

In addition, other sites will find your article and decide to use it on their own sites, getting you more valuable backlinks. This process has a snowball effect that will help your SEO exponentially.

The more published articles you have, the better your chances and tapping into free natural traffic from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

The most common excuse I hear when explaining this process to fellow bloggers and webmasters is the fact that submission takes time, a lot of time that they don’t want to spend.

They want to use their time to create quality content for their sites. Here is my solution, there is a site online that will do all the legwork for you, and they will submit and distribute your article to hundreds of directories. Their company is called Article Marketer. I’ve use them all the time and I can tell you this, they are worth the money!

All I’d ask is that you give them a shot for one month. If you don’t see significant improvements in your SEO, then maybe it’s not for you... Assuming that you have some amazing articles ready for publication when you sign up, I seriously doubt you will want to stop using their service. The advertising money is there all you need is the traffic!

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