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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Google Phenomenon

It was about ten years ago when the internet was really starting to take off, new companies were springing up left and right creating new technologies that our great grandfathers would have never believed possible…

This little company came along and its name was Google, at that time Netscape was the big dog on the block and I think Alta Vista may have been around too but that part is slightly hazy… Microsoft’s operating system was functional but not graphically pleasant and people were just starting to really get the hang of the internet.

Nowadays unless you know a few google tips and tricks you are going to have a very hard time getting to the top of the search engine rankings. Does anyone ever stop and ponder what an odd relationship an internet marketer has with the company. They create content and if Google deems them fit they become indexed and steadily climb the search engine ranking system until someday if they are really lucky, they will make it to the first page for their keyword term.

Then they were flooded with traffic because they applied they’re google tips and tricks expertly… They had something called Google Adsense all over their pages and some of the people that showed up looking for info decided to click on the ads that were right in front of their face. The internet marketer was very happy that their visitors were clicking on the ads because each click resulted in income.

The company that sent the traffic to generate the income is also responsible for cutting the checks when the internet marketer effectively leveraged his 5 google tips and got the clicks rolling in… Get this, there was a chicken and an egg but which one came first? Oh ok, didn’t like that? Thought it was corny? Well a tree fell in the forest… Get my drift?

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