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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Basics for Beginners Update

At this point Blog Basics for Beginners has been up and running for almost two months, I want to give a quick update regarding the progress of this blog…

After doing some additional research and thinking about my initial strategy for this site, I have to admit if I were to start all over again I probably would have picked slightly different keywords for the URL… The following are a few good keywords I have found if you intend to create a new make money online blog…

1.) Ways to Make Money Online
2.) Ways for Teens to Make Money
3.) Earn Money Online

I have to say that I am still happy with my URL decision because I can use this blog to throw out ideas that don’t necessarily have to be about money. When you come to this site, it’s like walking into a classroom with a goofy teacher… Many of the visiting students are probably smarter and more knowledgeable than the teacher but I am holding the chalk so you have to listen to me!

Some of the things I would like to discuss in future articles include:

1.) How to set up a Wordpress blog
2.) How to install Google Adsense into your blog
3.) Best strategies for Getting your blog indexed quickly
4.) Wordpress vs Blogger
5.) Why it is better to self host your blog…

Lately I have been spending a lot more time trying to find sources to obtain quality anchor text links. I have been going to message boards like warriorforum in an effort to find strategic linking partners and also hitting up quite a few do-follow blogs…

Recently I have created a master list of do-follow blogs in the make money online niche… The following is my offer for people that are interested :

$5 - MASTER Do-Follow BLOG List – Contains 250 Page Links

1.) Every one of these links is for a blog in a money related niche.
2.) All of these blogs have been recently checked by me for accuracy
3.) Many of the users allow you to place your anchor text instead of your name
4.) Most of the websites are PR0 or greater.

Leave a comment with your email address if you are interested and I will send you a payment request, after receiving payment I will send out the blog list to you immediately.

I have had several people purchase the list so far and everyone has been extremely happy with the value…

Well, now that I am done with the sales pitch portion of this article, it seems only fair to provide a few “freebies” for my great subscribers.

The following are websites where you can get a free do-follow link :

1. Page Rank 7
2. Page Rank 7
3. Page Rank 7

Anyways, this article is a bit of a wash so I promise that I will try harder next time! I just hate letting things go stale so it seemed appropriate to provide a blog basics for beginners update…

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