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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make Money Online Monthly Update

It seems about time to do a monthly update regarding this blog. Even though it is only a month old now, it is doing well with a PR0 ranking. What this means is that Google has thought it worthy enough to rank immediately without throwing it in the Sandbox. I attribute this success due to the fact that I submitted ten to fifteen original articles to GoArticles with backlinks for the site. Because GoArticles offers a PR3 text anchor link, this can be extremely valuable, especially when you are trying to get your site indexed.

Just because it is ranked doesn't mean that Google decided to pull it out of the sandbox. I am fairly sure this blog is halfway in still because of the high amount of content and low search traffic coming in. Of coarse, I have to be honest that building high quality anchor text backlinks for this blog has not been my first priority. I'm currently managing several websites and until I can get some help doing some of my off-site SEO work, I'll continue to spread myself thin for a while.

Keep in mind that if you want to be successful in receiving traffic to your website, you should be spending about 20% of your time writing new articles, link bait posts and quality content and the other 80% of your time should be spent networking and trying to work out link exchanges, submitting articles to directories to score backlinks, posting comments on do-follow blogs and submitting your articles to the social bookmarking sites (I like to stick to the ones that offer do-follow bookmarks however Digg and StumbleUpon I usually make an exception for because it's possible to blow up from social traffic with those two websites).

It is funny how people react to a new blog, especially one that focuses on a niche that they are currently competing in. Everyone has their own opinion regarding how to do this niche right. I was criticized a few weeks ago by a lady that obviously was involved in the niche somehow, the bottom line is that if she is reading this right now, all I would say is that constructive criticism is appreciated and if you don't like this blog then you don't have to visit or comment for that matter lol...

Jan. Statistics - Blog Basics for Beginners :

This blog received a total of 249 Unique visitors last month. I can't remember if statcounter had a full month of tracking or not, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that 249 visitors would be a nice number to receive in an hour but definitely not in a month!

The reason this blog didn't receive that many visitors last month was due to several factors :

1.) Google Sandbox
2.) Poor job creating quality anchor text backlinks

Thats alright because I plan on putting in some major off site SEO work this month.

The following is the information that Alexa is currently providing from the site :

Yesterday 1 wk. Avg. 3 mos.
N/A* 0.00013% 0.00004%

As you can see there has been a slight improvement as the weekly average is roughly triple what the 3 month average is currently stating. Still, nothing from nothing doesn't leave much anyways.. Keep in mind, this is a competitive niche!

It's best to not try and make the make money online niche your major breadwinner or at least have a few different niches running at the same time.

It will be alot easier to see immediate results if you focus on a buyers niche rather than a "browser's" niche. You need to find laser targeted keywords and go after them, thats when you will start seeing Adsense revenue and affiliate sales.

It's my opinion that Blog Basics for Beginners has some very helpful content at this point. Because this blog has so much content and not enough backlinks, I will probably be taking a break from creating new articles or definitely slow down from the pace I was writing at before.

This will give me more time to launch several new niche websites I'm currently working on. However, if you are a subscriber I'd hope that you don't mind sticking around because I have quite article subjects that I will be exploring in the upcoming weeks.

If you like this blog and the content that's provided, please go ahead and drop me a comment, it might give me a little more incentive to speed up my progress with the articles that are being provided.

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