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Monday, February 2, 2009

What Are Blog

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on this blog and I apologize but I’ve been very busy trying to make money online… What are blog is a keyword term that I found using the Google Keyword tool, I know it seems weird but it actually receives about 1000 search requests per month using the Google search engine.

One of the reasons that I’d like to target this particular search term is because after doing a little more research, I’ve found that the term only has about 6 million pages currently competing which in actually isn’t that bad compared to a term like how to make money online that has over 300 million pages of competition.

Another reason why I’d like to dominate the search term is because it has the root word blog in it, something that I would like to rank well for in the future due to the 30 million people looking for the word on Google every month!

If you notice that the name of this site is called Blog Basics for Beginners, it does have the word Blog in it among many others which makes it a little easier to optimize for the root.

Why do so many people search for the term “what are blog?”

Hey, that is a great question and I happen to have the answer to it at this point. I think we can all agree the long tail keyword term could easily be considered broken English but you would be surprised how many people look for things with misspelled words. If you are trying to dominate the results for something try to dominate the results for it’s misspellings as well.

We have talked about the need to incorporate those targets into your titles, headers, internal links and article content. In addition you should spend quite a bit of time hitting up article directories, forums, do follow blogs and wherever else you can drop a link to get some good link juice.

Why does link building take so much time?

It’s only natural that you will end up spending a huge quantity of time on this task until you build up link partners that you can make frequent 3 way link exchanges with. Eventually your page rank may grow enough so that people will contact you from time to time with offers for exchanges.

In the meantime, try to make friends with fellow bloggers, leave thoughtful comments on their articles and be subtle and frequent in your approach to build a friendship with them. Most people that are extremely successful with internet marketing have several joint venture partners so keep in mind that there is power in numbers.

Personally I have gained a huge quantity of link partners in the past year and one of the most difficult things about internet marketing is the niche partners you may use to increase the popularity of your how to make money online blog will probably not work if your blog is about nike shoes or credit card companies.

There is always a way to find these type of niche partners… One recommendation is that you can look for them in the forums on digitalpoint, sitepoint or warriorforum. Give it a shot and see if you can start to build friends on those sites. The more you reach out to people, the more success you will have.

The bottom line is that I wanted to make an article that found a way to incorporate the what are blog term. If you wanted to use the term what are blog in your article, how would you do it?

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