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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Focus on Do Follow

With the spirit of how to make money online I have decided to provide something special in this article… Instead of talking about programs like project payday or Me2Everyone, I want to discuss something far more important. Search engine optimization is a term that is thrown around left and right but its interesting that nobody really tackles the heart of the matter or at least from what I’ve read breaks it down to the very simplest definition of SEO or how to get to the top of those Google search engines!

I’ve been guilty myself of beating around the bush in regards to backlinks and how to get to the top of Google and I want to make it up to all my loyal readers who have been wondering what I’ve been up to the past few days…

Man its really hard to run an internet marketing empire and the list of tasks is becoming more and more daunting as the days go by… Living the internet lifestyle has me working 16 hr days but enough about me…

This article is supposed to be about you and what I can contribute to making your job easier, making your life better, and getting you some money in that bank account that’s starting to look like the aftermath of the circuit city bankruptcy liquidation sale!

What are Backlinks?

Anchor text links are things that point to various websites and tell Google that your site is important. Newsflash, they are only valuable on sites that offer Do-Follow (what that means is that the site has to remove the standard NoFollow link typical on Wordpress blogs…)

I have read a million articles about search engine optimization and professional internet marketers giving advice about how to get to the top of Google’s precious search engine ranking place index… What I have realized is that its not as much about what you write (although you do want to incorporate your target keywords into your article titles, headers, body and everywhere else you can think of…)

It is about who you know and more importantly, who is linking back to you using your targeted anchor text which in my case would be how to make money online.

I’ve written a million articles and until I started collecting valuable anchor text backlinks I really wasn’t able to generate much traffic. Now that the backlinks are coming in left and right my site is ballooning and putting me in a position where I can negotiate regarding link exchanges, advertising inquiries etc..

What is DoFollow?

DoFollow is basically internet code (the language of geeks), it is in reality the absence of dreaded NoFollow commands in a website or webpage’s html or php script… I’m sorry to bore you with techno babble, basically you are looking for as much DoFollow link luv as possible if you want to get to the top of Google and make money online!

Where can I find Do-Follow Sites?

That is a great question and also my gift to you if you have happened to make it this far and don’t have a splitting headache yet…

Keep in mind that these do follow resources are not to be abused and are offered as a supplement to other do follow resources you will find at your fingertips…

Try not to spam these generous do-follow blogs that have so willingly offered you the ability to increase your page rank and search engine rankings for your target keywords.

DoFollow Social Networks

These are social networks that offer do follow links… Basically you will sign up for a page write a short post about your website or blog using their system and network with other people on the sites to comment on their articles and make friends… Drop relevant backlinks and try not to be spammy!

Yahoo 360




Do Follow Blog Sites

The following are DoFollow free blog sites. You can make a blog here to help promote your other blogs and websites… If you create some good site relevant content and build links for these pages you will eventually have a huge do follow resource you can use to pull other sites and blogs that you own up in the rankings!








Do Follow Article Social Networks

Use these services to promote your individual articles. Keep in mind that people submit tons of articles to these sites everyday so try to be original with your titles and descriptions… The more friendly and natural you are with your pitch the better!






DoFollow Article Directories

This is a fantastic way to gain quality one way anchor text links… Write articles that are similar to the ones you have on your blog or website and submit them to these directories with a link back to your original articles using anchor text that applies… An example of anchor text that applies to this article might be Do Follow Resources…



Idea Marketers

Article Dashboard Directory

Easy Articles


Do Follow Social Portals

Use these social portals to create lenses and pages that relate to articles on your blogs and websites, then link to specific articles and your index page using text anchor links and obtain quality backlinks for these pages because they may end up becoming your make money online niche resources.




Do Follow Social Bookmarking Websites

Use these websites to bookmark your articles to gain extra one way do follow links and credit. If you bookmark the articles using different titles and keywords that are related but different i.e. variations on spelling and terms, you will start to rank for all sorts of keywords!







Personally I think you should always use SocialMarker first if you want to save some time and effort! It is a free service that lets you bookmark at multiple do follow social bookmarking sites at once!

The time and effort you spend creating powerful do follow links will directly affect your search rankings for your target keywords so I recommend that you start doing as much of this activity as possible. Spend half your time creating new content and the other half finding creative ways to link to your articles and website using anchor text one way links on various do follow websites and services…

Believe me, this is what the professional internet marketers do and there is a reason why some people are still searching for how to make money online and these guys are actually making money online from targeted natural search traffic.

If you are a subscriber to this blog, I greatly appreciate your support and will try my best to continue to provide valuable resources and information that helps you on the road to riches… I’m always looking for networking partners and currently have a group of people I’ve been working with regarding one way links, if you would like to be part of that group please let me know!

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