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Friday, January 9, 2009

Backlinks - 3 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic

I've noticed my traffic dipping a bit these past few days. It's only natural but something I'd like to avoid as much as possible. The best way to keep growing traffic is to keep writing content right? Not just any old content will do though, it needs to be informative and useful as well! So to make a long story short this article is about increasing your visibility.

I've been monitoring my link popularity as new strategies are implemented for this blog and the results are staggaring. Some of the greatest benefits regarding backlinks as of now are coming from Article Directories.

1.) Submit to Article Directories -

There are a million directories out there and believe me, I get overwhelmed too trying to sift through all the reviews and figure out which ones have the best ROI. So, here is my advice... Focus on the following sites.. These are directories I have seen significant results from in the past few weeks :

Article City

2.) Surf the Relevant Blogs

I'll be honest, this week I probably visited upwards of 250 different blogs! Most of them are in the same niche but a large quantity of them were in unrelated fields as well. Regardless of your niche, quality content and great ideas are abundant in blogs of all shapes and sizes. For example, a recent SEO site I visited had an article explaining how backlinks work and advising that relevant backlinks are better but backlinks deemed irrelevant will work almost as well!

This author was an SEO genius and his work is all over the net.. Just type SEO into google and I'm fairly certain you will come across one of his sites. Anyways, the number of new contacts I made this week will drop your jaw.. I'm currently in the process of exchanging backlinks and I have gained new subscribers from surfing!

3.) Social Networking

Go make a profile on Technorati, Zimbio and StumbleUpon.. These are great sites that will help you immensely to gain readers and make new friends! Also, make sure to use PingOMatic to let all the social networking sites know that you have new content.


There are a billion ways to boost web traffic. If you feel disappointed about the rate at which your blogs are growing in regard to traffic, do something about it! Write some content, do some networking, submit a few articles, drop by your favorite social networking sites and ping your blogs!

Hit me up if you wan't a few more ideas... Lets build our traffic together!

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