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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bloggers - Get Paid For Your Opinions

Isn’t it funny that most people have jobs not because they want to work but because they need the money? Actually maybe it’s not funny, its just a fact of life right?


Blogging is one of the only ways to get paid for your opinions.

Lets look at the ways we can benefit from our opinions in regard to blogging.

Get Paid for Your Opinions

1.) You can write a review on your blog about something that you have tried and liked. Make sure to give the affiliate link to people so they can try it too. If they decide to follow your advice, you have helped them and yourself… Generally I find its best to recommend something that I like myself so I’m not left with affiliate remorse.

2.) You can write reviews about products and services that you didn’t like. Not only will you be providing the rest of us with a great service but you will be creating useful content that will eventually drive more traffic to your site.

3.) You can do paid reviews of products on your blog for companies like PayPerPost or Associated Content

The fact of the matter is that there are a million ways that you can get paid for your opinions. Why not take advantage of them?

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