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Monday, January 5, 2009

IBP & ARELIS - SEO and Page Rank Made Easy!

Alot of people have asked me to elaborate my previous series on How to Make Money Online Blogging.

All of the information I presented in the series is fundamentally correct. However I did try to focus on things you can do to maximize page rank without spending any money.

There are two things to focus on in regard to exposure, first and foremost quality and original content, the second is quite obvious, quantity. Many pages, many sites, many blogs, more destinations for your traffic to flow.

To make a long story short, there is a program I use to speed the process of page rank up a bit.. This program offers automatic search engine submissions, keyword and competitor analysis and it will even find you the best pages/sites to set up link exchanges or drop comments to gain relevant backlinks.

This program allows me to spend more time creating original content and less time slaving away on the backlink quest.

The program is called IBP & ARELIS

This program is used by the majority of professional internet marketing and publicity companies for one simple reason. It works!

I've provided their web banner so you can go check out their program for yourself, if it doesn't work for you, they offer a money back guarentee! Here it is:

Now, you see this article for what it truly is, a sales pitch. But I want to let you know that I wouldn't be promoting this thing if I didn't believe in it. I have seen results from it and you can too.

Drop me a line if you have any questions about the program, also, if you want me to I will send you an example report about one of my sites that the program created so you can see first hand how useful the analysis really is!

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