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Friday, January 23, 2009

How Do I Track My Website – StatCounter Review

Make Money Online by Watching the Numbers!

Have you ever wanted to read a StatCounter review? Well, your dream just came true! There are many tools that an internet marketer uses in their mission to make money online. When you are just starting out one of the major questions you may end up asking yourself is: How do I track my website’s statistics?

If you’re like me then you have asked yourself… How do I track multiple websites?

The best solution I’ve found so far is a service called StatCounter! Relax… take a deep breath, their basic service is FREE.

Here comes the part where you sigh and say wow! I thought he was trying to sell me something? Not in this article but watch out for the next one!

It’s not convenient to have multiple Google Analytics screens open at once but regardless, Google Analytics is a fantastic service and you should take the time to use it on all of your sites if possible.

The great thing about the StatCounter service is that you can attach multiple websites and accounts simply by pasting some code into your website. Man does this thing save me time!

StatCounter is one of the best statistics service available… It gives you the ability to view bar charts showing daily, weekly and monthly analysis. Another nice thing about the service is that you don’t have to post a visible counter on your site.

Knowing your visitors and what they came for is crucial to developing marketing campaigns and growing your business. Recently, I noticed a few hits for keywords that I wasn’t really trying to target… When I researched this in more detail, I found out that the traffic was coming from search engine ranking places that were far from the first and second pages of results.

I was able to determine that there was a huge demand for this product and steadily I have been squeezing in keywords that are helping me rank better for the product in the hopes that someday I will reach the first page where the traffic maelstrom awaits.

The point is that if I wasn’t paying attention to my statistics, that keyword could have completely slipped under the radar and I would have never known about my new and very profitable source of additional traffic.

StatCounter offers features that many competitors are not able to provide including charts and graphics for visual analysis, visitor page loads, returning visitors and IP addresses. There are some things I like to keep to myself but in the effort of sharing I decided to bite the bullet and let this cat out of the bag.

Another thing that is great about the service is that it shows you the recent keyword terms that were searched for to reach your site! It also gives you the ability to monitor exit links which are very important for monitoring your marketing campaigns.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to make money online, watch those exit links buddy! Once you get traffic flowing into your site you still need to know what to do with it… Some people will set up Google Adsense or Adbrite text links, others will try to capitalize on reviews and affiliate products or people like me may try everything until they find the best solution!

The point being is that when someone comes to your site the only thing left for them to do after they have found or not found what they were looking for is leave. The exit points are what you need to watch closely because you can learn a lot about the behavior of your visitors. If you don’t find that many exit links and being clicked you will want to change the flow of your site so that they click on something you want them too… More importantly, you have to offer them something that’s more interesting than closing the window.

To make a long story short, making money online is just like making money offline… You need to review where you find success and expand upon it. Our failures are what make us successful so get StatCounter and watch the numbers.

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