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Friday, January 9, 2009

Make Money Online : Associated Content Review

Recently I came across a site called Associated Content. After doing my homework, the site seemed to be very legitimate, and also seems to have more potential when compared to PayPerPost. This article is dedicated to the review of Associated Content.

If you want to make money online, this company will pay you to publish creative works. Another benefit is that you have the option to offer exclusive or un-exclusive rights. This is great because it will give you the ability to write content on your blog and then submit it to them for payment as well!

At this point I have completed a few of their requested content offers and they paid via Paypal within a few days of submission!

One of the content submissions was a valentines day poem… Ok, definitely not within my typical niche but I like Shakespeare so what more is there to say right?

1.) 20 minutes writing the poem
2.) 2 minutes submitting the poem
3.) Received $8.00 via Paypal

Now it has me racking my brain about content I can dig out from one of my other blogs to submit… I’m going to take this site for a ride and see what type of results I can get…

Click here to go to their site and see for yourself!

It’s important to explore new marketing and monetization strategies… Why not try to double dip once in a while right?

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