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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Payday Review

Is Project Payday Legitimate?

Are you ready for the scoop on another make money online opportunity. Then you are ready for this Project Payday Review. This site is primarily focused around helping bloggers make money online however, what are bloggers supposed to do while they are waiting for their Google Adsense money to start rolling in?

Check this out you guys! Project Payday is a program thats been around for a long time and the benefits are real! The company's main niche focuses on something called IFW's

What are IFW's??? I'll tell you what they are... Have you ever heard of Incentivized Freebie Websites?

Basically you complete an offer and they give you some money or an xbox or an ipod... Wait, don't leave me let, at least let me explain... Please??

Ok, so after you go to the Project Payday website you're going to see that even they don't market themselves as a get rich quick opportunity, but regardless, they let you know that you can start making anywhere from $100-$2500 per month with their program. I know, sounds too good to be true, well its not but you still have to put in some work..

You know those sites that offer free ipods, xboxs and PS3's? Well you were right, most of them are blowing smoke and aren't going to backup their promises however there are a few of them that actually will.

If you want to turn around, I don't blame you, but if you're interested and you want to see where this goes, by all means, keep reading!


The system works like this:

1.) After you register, you get training materials like videos and manuals. When you watch the video it explains everything so you can start right away completing offers like i.e. Gamefly, Credit Cards etc..

2.) After you complete the offers they get verified by Project Payday

3.) They let you select your prizes.

4.) Obtain referrals that will complete offers so you can redeem your prize.

What's this, referrals??? ok you lost me buddy… Don't give up now.. You're so close!

The system really works; The hardest part is finding someone to complete offers as well so you can claim your prize.

Project Payday makes it super easy to find these referrals directing you forums with people that are ready and willing to complete offers for a couple bucks...

2 Ways to Make Money :

Option #1

You can go to the forums and pay people to complete your offers for you...

Option #2

You can get paid to complete offers for someone else...

Believe me, they can explain it alot better than I can but I'll tell you this, my bank account wouldn't look like it does today without these guys!

Now, a couple things to keep in mind...

You need to be organized with this offers and write down all the cancellation information somewhere so you don't forget.

Also, make sure to complete the offers by following the instructions because most of these things you only have one shot at!

Finally, you will probably be bored as you fill out all the offer forms so get yourself a cup of coffee and put on your favorite mp3!

If you're still here that means you are like I was and said what the heck.. free program, what do i have to lose? Good choice my friend.. Sign up for Project Payday
make some quick cash now!

Thanks for reading my project payday review!

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