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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging – 2 Unique Ways to Monetize Your Blog

After your blog is up and running, you have a large subscribe base and a solid amount of natural traffic coming in. The time will come when you want to consider ways to monetize your blog. Not only will your method’s be under consideration, you will be looking for the answer to the ultimate question.

“What is the best way to monetize my blog?”

This article may not have the answer to that question but it will explore 4 unique ways that you can monetize your blog…

1. Start a Raffle

People love contests! Why not give them an opportunity to participate in a paid contest? If you have loyal readers, they will most likely place a lot of weight in your recommendations right? Well what if you offered them the ability to win something that didn’t cost you anything but time… Possible prizes could include :

-Advertising Space on your Website or Blog
-Exclusive Access to a Special Make Money Online E-Book
-Two to Three Hours of Professional Blog Consultation

I think that this would be a fantastic example of link bait! In fact, I’m going to implement this idea on my site immediately…

2. Write Affiliate Reviews

Ok, maybe you’re going to say “Hey wait a minute, that’s not a unique way to monetize my blog!”

It amazes me how effective this strategy truly is… If you can find something of value that may possibly have affiliate value to one of your readers in a similar niche, why not write a review about it?

Don’t forget to include your referral link so you get credit!


Both of these strategies I could just as well keep to myself but that would defeat the purpose of my blog. The point is that we can share these strategies and experience growth together. Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think of these ideas! If you haven’t joined my feed yet, please do so and let me know via comment so I can join yours!

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