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Friday, January 16, 2009

What is Adsense Smart Pricing?

Lose Money with Adsense Smart Pricing

Many people use Adsense to make money online with their blogs but very few actually know what goes on behind closed doors. One common thing that people should understand is that all Adsense publishers are not judged equally. In fact the quality of your site content and the avenues in which you obtain your traffic make a big difference. Generally the term used to describe the varying amounts you are paid for clicks is known as Adsense Ad Click Value Variations.

What is Adsense Smart Pricing?

Basically Smart Pricing is a tactic that Google uses to make their advertising clients happy. It is a way to prevent click-fraud and punish bloggers and sites that have unnatural click behavior. Generally Smart Pricing only applies to blogs and sites that have spammy content. Believe it or not, Google’s methods for detecting this factor are extremely advanced.

Smart Pricing is something that Google uses to determine how much you get paid per click for text or image ad and its based on a few different variables that have not been released to the public.

Here are a few things that may determine Smart Pricing :

1.) Number of impressions
2.) The age of the website
3.) The page rank of the site
4.) The niche value of a site (is it based upon a single topic or many topics?)
5.) The value of inbound links (how many relevant keyword links do you have?)
6.) The CTR factor (the percentage of traffic that clicks on an ad)

If you want to avoid being smart priced, try your best to wait for a few months before you put Adsense on your site. Also, make sure to have high quality content and frequently update your site. More keyword rich backlinks never hurt as well!

If you play by the rules you won’t have to worry about getting smart priced as the system seems to be pretty fair. If you want to experiment with smart pricing set up multiple Adsense accounts and place ads on brand new sites with a lot of social traffic, see what happens?

I hope this article addressed the question : What is Adsense Smart Pricing?

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