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Sunday, January 11, 2009

SEO – Tips and Tricks to Get One Way Links!

There are generally two types of links:

1 Way Links
2 Way Links (These are sometimes referred to as Reciprocal Links)

Most people seem to think that they will have to pay for high quality one way links.

Why would I want to pay for a one way link?

Well, if the link is made using one of your targeted keywords and it is on a site that Google deems worthy of a high page rank index, you will have instant credibility! The more credibility you establish, the higher your page rank will be.

How can I get free one way links?

Now that is a great question! There are tons of places where you can get high quality one way links. One of the most common places that people obtain free one way links are in website and blog directories.

Directory submissions can be incredibly time consuming. But there are a few tricks you can implement to speed up the process. Keep in mind, the more one way links you have, the more resulting traffic you will receive and if your goal is to make money, this is what you need!

Tip # 1

Submit your blog to a directory ex. Open Directory Project, Search Sight etc…

Copy the entire submission i.e. website title, keywords, description into a notepad or document file.

Now you have a directory submission template that will work for future submissions saving you a ton of time!

Why re-invent the wheel right?

Tip #2

Focus your submissions on the following free directories first. These are directories that are highly regarded by Google!

The Top 5 Free Directories:

Open Directory Project
World Site Index
Web World
Search Sight

Tip #3

Find blog directories and submit your site to them in your niche categories. This will get you a lot more attention than a general directory would.


There are two ways to submit to directories –

1.) Manual Submission
2.) Automated Submission

I would seriously recommend that you consider taking the second route. This will free your time up to work on your greatest asset… Remember how to make money with blogs?

I’ll give you a hint… QUALITY CONTENT! And lots of it buddy…

There are a few ways you can go about automated submission… One of the most popular routes is to use a program called SEO Elite. This will get the job done but you may lose some points with Google due to the rapid pace at which it will submit your blog to directories…

My personal preference is a service called Directory Maximizer

I’ve used this service in the past with this blog as well as my other blogs and I’m always very happy with the results. One of the best benefits of Directory Maximizer vs the directory submission programs is that you have control over the speed of the submissions, hence Google will give you more credit.

I hope this article has given you a better perspective on one-way links. They are much better than the alternative... You could write content all day and if nobody knows about your site then nobody will read it right?

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