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Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Make Money Blogging : 2 Different Approaches to Blogging

Blogging can be a very profitable business if you have the tools, dedication and knowledge to create and implement. There are several ways that people make money online with blogs and several different types of blogs that they make money with.

The following article will discuss two different approaches to blogging. Both of them can be quite profitable; however each approach will result in an entirely different blog and will require a different marketing campaign strategy as well.

1.) The Enterprise Blog

This blog is an example of an enterprise blog. It is my goal to educate the masses about internet marketing, search engine optimization and page rank strategies as much as it is to make a living from it. If you decide to create an enterprise blog, the key to success lies in delivering a large number of high quality articles, growing a significant readership base and focusing on ways to gain a huge share of web traffic.

An enterprise blog should be based on a broad niche which will give the writer the ability to touch on a ton of different topics that are interrelated.

In my opinion, the enterprise blog is the best route to take. Why not build on something that you have a passion for? Isn’t it better to make money while helping people at the same time? If your blog has quality content and articles that actually help your readers reach a goal, you are already on your way.

Some of the benefits in creating an enterprise blog include high traffic, loyal readership base, direct advertising opportunities and a brand name that requires less paid advertising then a typical blog. People gravitate towards your brand name and content, you’re products will practically sell themselves.

Please keep in mind that this blog will take a lot of time to build and maintain. There are shortcuts but it may take a while to find and implement them. Eventually you may decide to hire a copywriter to take over some of the content creation responsibilities… You may also decide to outsource some of your sales and marketing responsibilities as well.

2.) The Small Niche Blog – Affiliate or Advertising Purpose

This is an example of the enterprise blog with a twist; generally the small niche blog would be focused on generating affiliate or advertising revenue by focusing on a particular product or service. This is a very common route that many bloggers chose to take. The first thing you will want to do is find a niche that is very profitable in regard to affiliate and advertising revenue. Examples of sites like this include: Forex, Credit Cards, Car Loans, Vacations, Expensive Products i.e. Plasma TVs.

The key to success with this type of blog is to target desired keywords and provide content that matches with those keywords. The ultimate goal being that someone will search for the product or service, find your site, read your review and then click on one of your adsense links or affiliate product ads. The best way to do this is to create long tail keywords in your article titles. This will increase the chance you will be found in the search engines for a particular keyword.

These types of blogs are generally easy to set up and get going but may not be very profitable unless you either convert them into enterprise blogs or focus on creating hundreds of similar sites in different niches.


The two methods discussed in this article are just meant to help spark creativity in regard to making money from blogging. There are millions of other ways to make money from blogs and websites but hopefully this article has given you a few ideas to implement or consider in your search for a blogging strategy.

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