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Friday, January 9, 2009

SEO – 3 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Most people know about search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO. Search engine optimization is referred to as most important factor in getting a decent page rank for a particular keyword.

This article will help you optimize your web pages. It will discuss tips and tricks you can use to increase your page rank by implementing SEO strategies.

1.) Make sure to link each of your pages via html

This is a simple concept, each of your sites pages should be linked via html and related to another page in your site. Google uses spiders to crawl the web and when it finds a link, it indexes the page for future exploration. Images and Flash solutions offer alternative to html links however they are not recognized by the search engines.

2.) Maximize Your Site’s Content

Generally, the more content your site has the better. After becoming indexed in the major search engines, Google will generally crawl your site frequently, examining your sitemap and content and making updates to your search results. The content you provide will be directly related to your search results via keywords, long tail keywords etc...

I have seen an exponential increase in web traffic due to my site’s content. There are several keywords I am currently targeting via content and I have seen significant improvements recently in my keyword search traffic because of the content that is on this site.

3.) Use Keywords and Long Tail Keywords

Most people don’t realize how important keywords actually are. If you want more web traffic target keywords in your article and place them in both your title text as well as the body of your articles. Make sure to litter the keywords at least three times in each article you write to maximize your effectiveness.

Conclusion :

If you would like additional tips and tricks about optimizing you web site, I suggest that you go ahead and sign up for my RSS feed. I will be publishing a series on this topic so stay tuned!

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