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Sunday, January 4, 2009

SEO – 4 Ways to Increase Your Page Rank

In previous articles we have spent significant time discussing page rank and SEO. In regard to page rank there are several things that affect your ranking. It’s possible to make improvements both internally and externally. I have found that the most important factor that affects page rank is backlinks.

The following list includes four methods you can use to obtain backlinks.

1. Reach out and try to negotiate or ask other webmasters in related fields to link to your website. This will be a difficult task but in many cases if approached the right way, site owners are sometimes willing to assist their fellow bloggers in this way.

2. Make sure to submit your site to indexes and directories. It’s very important to register with as many search directories as possible. Search engine directories provide high quality one-way backlinks that are sure to improve your page rank.

3. Register and participate in forums related to your topic of discussion. In most cases you will be able to add your backlink either in your signature or in the body of your post.

As an added bonus you will gain targeted traffic through the forums you participate in.

Keep in mind that these are people that are genuinely interested in your topic. They may become regulars and subscribe to your RSS feeds.

4. Submit your articles to free online publishers. I have discussed this in previous articles as well. There are several sites you can use to submit articles and drop your backlinks. Two of my favorite sites for this purpose include and

Lastly, if you use all these methods to increase your SEO and page rank, you will see results very quickly. Sometimes it may take longer than expected due to something called the Google Sandbox. I will explain the sandbox and describe its purpose in future articles so stay tuned!

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