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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Many Different Ways Are There to Make Money With A Blog?

I want to apologize to the few people I’ve managed to pick up as subscribers this month for implementing so many monetization strategies at once. If you're tired of the make money online topic, I don't blame ya... The reason I have done this is not out of spite or adverse intent but rather in scientific experimentation. It's time to test the waters so to speak!

This blog is dedicated to teaching Blog Basics for Beginners but I will admit that sometimes I fall off track with other money making tactics. In the future I will try my best to write content and provide information that assists bloggers and webmasters in their goal to make money online via internet marketing and blogging.

Be aware that I will explore other avenues of making money online for the simple fact that eventually this site will receive targeted traffic for people looking to make money online, work from home, get paid for their opinions and intent of that nature.

It seems only fair to provide information to those people that can assist them in their goal as well. Not everyone has a talent for writing, some people would much rather sit around and complete surveys or tutor people via the web or watch advertisements for money.

To get back on track, there are a few things I had originally intended to discuss in this topic. Some of the current monetization strategies I am implementing on this page include:

1.) Google Adsense
2.) Kontera ContentLink
3.) Tradepub White Pages and Trade Magazines
4.) Various Affiliate Programs (Commission Junction, etc..)

Beyond the typical methods of making money online there are a lot of different start-ups that seem very interesting, one of them that I find really interesting is called Me2Everyone. Basically it's a virtual world organized like a co-op and each person that joins gets their own shares that they will eventually be able to trade on the open market.

Anyways, those are just a few of the ways you can make money online with your website. As this blog starts to receive more traffic I will most likely do some optimization and cut back several of the programs that don’t seem to be earning in an effort to provide my readers with a higher quality experience.

In regard to helping bloggers make money online, some basic questions to ask yourself, that I have found helpful when starting a new niche site include :

What do I want to write about?

What type of traffic would I like to receive?

How do I want to accommodate my visitors?

Is this site going to be strictly for monetary purposes or will I be using it as a hobby and writing about a topic I’m generally interested?

How will I plan to promote my blog or website?
Generally, if you write about things that interest you, I think that you will find that there is much more to say. Even though this site will address how to make money online, I also plan on touching on topics directly relating to blogging, internet marketing, search engine optimization, page rank, ways to get paid for your opinions etc…

If you write about something you love, why not earn money online while you’re at it? As long as we keep our readers best interest in mind, its alright to make a buck or two as a result. Generally, I think you will find that your readers don’t mind helping you out from time to time.

In regard to Google Adsense text links, hopefully your readers will be courteous and not click on things unless they have a true interest in the product or service offered. If they click on ads simply to help you out, Google will penalize you by possibly smart pricing your account. If you’re not familiar with the term smart pricing, that is when Google pays you a fraction of what you typically earn for an ad in an effort to provide the highest quality service for their advertisers.

Think about it, if you were an advertiser, would you really want to pay people for having their friends or loyal readers click on your ads for the sole purpose of making you money. Well, that’s how they feel also. Besides, ideally most of your traffic should come from search engines and it will as long as you focus on the basics of internet marketing like search engine optimization, backlink generation and fresh content. If you write quality articles directed towards your niche, there is a snowball effect that will take place, you will see that your target keywords will move steadily up in the search engine rankings and before you know it you will make money online.

If you’re not concerned with how to make money online and your just blogging for the sake of blogging that may work out even better. There are other benefits to having your own website or blog.

Why should I make a blog?

Having a blog will give you a place to share your ideas and opinions with the world. It will also provide you with traffic and people that may be interested in the same things that you’re interested in.

Ok, let’s address the original question and stop beating around the bush…

How Many Different Ways Are There to Make Money With Your Blog?

There are a million different ways! Be creative!

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